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Tas ir ne tikai consideredasa vadāmība vidēja, bet arī iprtanteleme " piedāvā jūsu ādu. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as. Metāla gultņi ir gluda un nav snap 6. Tie ir nepieciešami, lai varētu uzrakstīt dažādā laikā rakstītu lībiešu tekstu, kā arī rakstīt svešvārdus to oriģinālrakstībā šie burti likti iekavās. Dažkārt valodā pārāko pakāpi veido, pamata pakāpes vārda celmam pievienojot galotni -imi vai -mi, piemēram, 'min nūoŗimi pūoga' mans jaunākais dēls , 'min piškimi tidār' mana mazākā meita. Šis produkts ir lieliski piemērots arī visiem cilvēkiem, kuri meklē aprīkojumu, kas viņiem palīdzēs ātri veikt iesildīšanos.

General characteristics of the study programme Study programme aim, tasks and planned results The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified and multi-professional specialists in radiology to work with modern digital technologies, with skills in patient care in radiology, radiation therapy.

Latvian national interest is to educate and professionally prepare such specialists — radiographers with the knowledge and skills based on modern radiological techniques and professionals who can benefit from the technical feasibility of performing diagnostic radiology examinations and radiation therapy procedures with modern technologies that has rapidly in recent years entered the modern labour market in many Latvian medical institutions and private practices.

Also must be taken into account the professional growth inhibitory factor such as a lack of an advanced education.

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For the majority of the working radiology assistants the education has been very superficial, having only four months of professional development courses in radiography, which once provided the Soviet educational system. This means that the current working radiology assistants do not have sufficient theoretical basis to be able to work on own with new digital technologies, thus deficiency of new specialists, who could perform all the functions in radiography determined by today's job market requirements is established in the Latvian labour market.

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This is confirmed in report of Latvian Association of Radiologists to the Ministry of Health inwhich refers to the required number of radiographic specialists, at least 25 radiographers per year, thus this means a sufficient availability of jobs for graduates in the future. F igure 2.

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